August 2019

Steph Battieste was interviewed on live radio show Metro Morning, click the link below to have a listen.

Founder Steph Battieste was interviewed by Oh So Magazine issue #3, August 2019. Steph talks about Babes Brigade and her own personal aspirations for the future of the company that has been hosting meet-ups, events, contests and lessons for the past four years. You can order your copy at the link below.

Photos by Kristina Dittmar

Steph recently started a fundraiser to help with the start up costs of creating a Babes Brigade Apparel line. Please click the button below to read more about her plans and to donate to the cause.

Vice -Broadly Interview  "Women in Skate" -June 2018

Stephanie Battieste interviewed for "Women in Skate" a paid partnership with Vice channel Broadly / Vice / Vans, I talk about my company Babes Brigade //

Fashion Magazine 2016

Spacing Magazine 2016

Blundstone Catalogue 2016

Metro News 2016- Q & A with Tony Hawk

Myself and two other Babe Brigade members got to ask Pro Skateboarder tony Hawk some questions about women in skateboarding. I was featured on the cover of the Newspaper. Unfortunately Metro News is no longer operating and therefore the link to the article is broken

The Toronto Star 2016

Vice Daily 2016

King Skateboard Magazine 2017

Vice Sports 2016


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