Over the past few years I have worked with different film productions and casting agencies as a consultant, actress, background actor and casting agent.

Casting Agent:

I work as a casting agent, specifically specializing in female skateboarders ages 4 and up. Through Babes Brigade I have access to many girls and women in the industry that may line up with the wants and needs of the client. I have found specific girls and women for a multitude of roles. I have a roster of girls ages 4 and up and women 19+ who skateboard at all different levels and with different looks. I use my experience and expertise from the fashion industry and skateboarding community to find the perfect match for a movie, commercial, music video or print advertisement.


We all know the importance of keeping things authentic, and when it comes to featuring a skateboarder in a show, movie or commercial you will need her to be convincing. I can find you real skateboarding girls and women through casting, and can further be hired as a consultant to help during the filming process in regards to coordinating scenes and working with the writer to ensure wording is authentic to the skateboarding community at large. Additionally, I can help with location scouting and wardrobe among other services which can be requested upon negotiating. *Please contact me at StephanieBattieste@gmail.com for rates*

I have worked with the following businesses

Natural Mountain Productions- Laura Forth

Frame X Frame