Entrepreneur / Actor / Model / Designer

Hello and welcome to my self titled website, Stephanie Battieste. I created my own website so people could clearly understand what I do and who I am. I spent the past decade in multiple industries so it was about time I created a website with a portfolio and some background on my experience. I am hoping  it will help potential employers or prospective business partners know what my strengths are and better understand where we may line up when collaborating.

I am an entrepreneur, skateboarder, model and actor and I live downtown Toronto located in Ontario, Canada. I have been pursuing my dreams as far back as I can remember. Over those years, I obtained a diploma in Fashion Arts, a certificate in Graphic Design, spent countless years volunteering in the fashion industry, started a clothing and accessories company and eventually landed where I am today, as the owner of Babes Brigade.

Through Babes Brigade I am able to hone all of my skills. I am able to work as an event planner when I throw skateboarding contests. I also work as an agent by finding commercial work in print and film media for the girls on our roster.


My social skills come into play in all aspects, but especially when teaching skateboarding lessons or hosting weekly meet-ups in the community. When it comes to social media, I work with photographers to promote the group through visually stimulating photography. I run all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and our website.

During those years of school, internships and starting two businesses, I also began modelling for fun. I became more focused on collaborating with photographers as a model and stylist. I have been in film and print media through my modelling, skateboarding and business experience, you can view my interviews on the Press page and my acting and modelling jobs under Acting & Print work.


Thank you for checking out my site and please don't hesitate to contact me if interested in working together.

Top Left Photo by Kyle Poole for Steel Town Garage// Right Photo by Daniel Skwarna.com

I was interviewed about my company Babes Brigade for issue #3 of skateboarding print mag Oh So Co mag. Photos by Kristina Dittmar. www.oh-so.co

I was interviewed by CBC, August 2019, in regards to my company Babes Brigade, a women's skateboarding company.

I was interviewed on live radio for the scond time on Metro Morning, Summer 2019. I talk about my business, Babes Brigade

I was interviewed by Vice channel Broadly in regards to my business and personal goals within the skateboarding community.